1: Celebrities Hail Simone Biles For Her Brave Olympics Decision

2: Hollywood Stars Show Support As Simone Biles Prioritizes Mental Health

3: World Applauds Simone Biles For Raising Mental Health Awareness

4: Top Celebs Rally Behind Simone Biles Amidst Olympic Struggles

5: Iconic Figures Stand By Simone Biles Commend Her Courage to Step Back

6: Celebrities Inspire Millions With Messages of Solidarity for Simone Biles

7: Global Superstars Shower Love On Simone Biles Amidst Olympic Challenges

8: A-Listers Cheer Simone Biles For Prioritizing Her Well-being

9: Simone Biles Receives Overwhelming Support From Celebrities Worldwide for Her Olympics Withdrawal

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