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9 delicious twists on classic lasagna

Vegetable lasagna layer roasted or grilled vegetables like zucchini bell peppers and eggplant between the pasta sheets for a lighter and vegetarian option

Seafood lasagna swap the traditional meat for a combination of shrimp crab and scallops and add a creamy alfredo sauce for a rich seafood twist

Spinach and ricotta lasagna combine wilted spinach with creamy ricotta cheese and a touch of nutmeg for a flavorful and vegetarian alternative

Mexican lasagna layer tortillas seasoned ground beef beans cheese and salsa for a texmex twist on lasagna

Chicken alfredo lasagna use layers of cooked chicken alfredo sauce and spinach for a decadent creamy white lasagna

Mushroom and gruyere lasagna sautéed mushrooms and layers of gruyere cheese add earthy and nutty flavors to this variation

Butternut squash lasagna use roasted butternut squash sage and a creamy béchamel sauce to create a sweet and savory fallinspired lasagna

Eggplant parmesan lasagna bread and fry slices of eggplant then layer them with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese