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8 energetic dog breeds that will active families on their feet

Labrador retriever labs are famous for their boundless energy and love for exercise they are great for families who enjoy hiking swimming and playing fetch

Border collie border collies are highly intelligent and excel in agility activities they need both physical and mental stimulation making them great for active families

Siberian husky huskies are bred for endurance and are known for their love of running theyre perfect for families who enjoy running or hiking in cooler climates

Australian shepherd these herding dogs are energetic and thrive in active households they enjoy playing running and agility exercises

Vizsla vizslas are known for their incredible stamina and need for exercise they make excellent running or biking companions for active families

Weimaraner weimaraners are highenergy dogs that require regular exercise and mental stimulation they enjoy activities like fetch and running

Boxer boxers are playful and energetic making them great for families who love playing in the backyard or going for long walks or runs

Dalmatian dalmatians are known for their endurance and love of running theyre great companions for active families who enjoy jogging or hiking