7 Foods That Provide Energy That Lasts Longer Than Coffee - Fermentools

7 foods that provide energy that lasts longer than coffee

Oatmeal start your day with a bowl of oatmeal for a steady release of energy thanks to its complex carbohydrates

Bananas these fruits are packed with natural sugars fiber and essential nutrients offering sustained energy throughout the day

Sweet potatoes loaded with complex carbs and fiber sweet potatoes keep you energized and full for longer periods

Quinoa a proteinrich grain quinoa provides a sustained energy boost due to its slow digestion and balanced nutrient profile

Nuts almonds walnuts and other nuts are excellent sources of healthy fats and proteins providing lasting energy

Salmon rich in omega3 fatty acids salmon not only supports heart health but also sustains energy levels

Chia seeds these tiny seeds are a powerhouse of nutrients including fiber and protein for prolonged energy

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