1: 1. Tabbouleh Salad: Bursting with fresh herbs and bulgur wheat, this Mediterranean favorite aids digestion while delighting your taste buds.

2: 2. Greek Yogurt: Creamy and packed with probiotics, Greek yogurt promotes a healthy gut and aids in digestion. Enjoy it with fresh fruits and honey.

3: 3. Hummus: Made from chickpeas, olive oil, and tahini, hummus is a perfect dip that eases digestion and provides a dose of protein and fiber.

4: 4. Grilled Fish: Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, grilled fish like salmon or sardines helps reduce inflammation and supports a healthy digestive system.

5: 5. Tzatziki: A refreshing dip made from yogurt, cucumbers, and garlic, tzatziki improves digestion while adding a tangy kick to any Mediterranean meal.

6: 6. Olive Oil: An integral part of Mediterranean cuisine, extra virgin olive oil aids digestion, protects the stomach lining, and provides essential antioxidants.

7: 7. Lentil Soup: Packed with fiber, lentil soup supports a healthy digestive tract and keeps you feeling satisfied with its hearty and nourishing properties.

8: 8. Fresh Fruits: From juicy oranges to succulent grapes, Mediterranean fruits like figs, dates, and watermelon offer natural enzymes that aid digestion.

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